Graphic Design Trends You Need to Be Aware of In 2017 – Sprout My Brand
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So we are already in 2017, if you have not noticed. This means that you have probably already broken one of your New Year’s items. Do not worry about my resolution for a better sleep, has already disappeared.
But one of my resolutions I will not break is to become a better designer in 2017, and this is good news for you because I will help you be a better designer in the process.

1. Colours stronger and lighter
In recent years, many technology leaders have used soft colours, safe and easy to digest. It was an attempt to create a clean and controlled design scheme. It was almost an attempt to show people that the intelligent and functional future that they had seen in science fiction movies already there.
But now that everyone and their mother saw what style design work for Apple, the guys have killed the power they once held. Now in 2017, there will be a change in neutral colours like white, grey and black, bold and bright colours.

2. Intrepid typography
By 2017 bold typography also struggled against the ever weaker readership and saturation content. Large and courageous writings will be used to look. One of my favourite examples for this should be wired. You use a mix of fonts to emphasize individual securities and to build up information on the page hierarchy.

3. Google Sources
I have been using Google fonts for some time because they are very versatile. If I have an online thing to design, and then add to my slide deck, I’m sure the police work together. And they play well with every blog or website that you can build.

4. Authentic photos
As the amount of content generated each year continues to grow, the demand for image quality is increased. And to maximize the life span of some of these images, the developers had to make them as general as possible.

5. Graphics and icons drawn by hand
The need for more authentic images will also affect the icons and graphics. We have recently embraced brand names sincerely as they try to distinguish themselves from the herd. This will also be a personal item to add to your work or fun design or content. And this cannot be done with icons and graphics.
Many can see this trend as childish or unprofessional, but it will definitely stand out online. Like many trends in 2017, it has come across in its own nature and almost clinical design in recent years.

6. Minimalism returns to its roots
When I describe what minimalism was a stranger, I am probably talking about a lack of ornaments in design with a focus on functionality. You probably think of it as a neutral colour palette of black, grey and white.
It seems that the true spirit of minimalism – down, functional design elements – lost, and replaced with boring black and white patterns. I think this has been done to compensate for the lack of mobile devices in computing performance and screen size.
In 2017, everything will change. This is the year in which Minimalism, hopefully, receives its delay. And that means much more colour. Mobile devices are now as powerful as computers and some even better screens.

7. Useful GIF
Everyone (well, almost everyone) loves GIF. They are the perfect small talk assistant emotion to express when the text does not do the trick. In addition, they do not need any special software to run, they usually have a small file size and can be integrated anywhere. Therefore, they are better than the videos and images in most cases, if you need to minimize the time, need to load or use data. And I think versatility is what also make the best and most useful in 2017.