Top SEO Trends & Strategy in 2017 – Sprout My Brand
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A new year means new SEO trends and speculation. While there are some components of optimization of search engines that have worked for many years, and continue working on it, there are always new trends that you need to change your focus.

1. HTTPS is no longer an option:
HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) keeps the data exchanged in the user’s computer safe web page. Consumers are much wiser about the internet than they were a few years ago, and now expect nothing less than a secure experience when visiting a website. The cost of moving the HTTPS is minimal and outside security advantages, Google has confirmed that this is a character classification. This guide explains very well the process.

2. The long format content will continue to work well in the search results:
The content long term I consider to be more than 2,000 words, showed a better performance in the search results. This is something that many marketers have introduced a few years ago, and remains the sweet spot for those who need to organize organically and the value needed to convert website visitors into leads, sales and earnings.

3. Social media will be an important mining referral traffic:
Consider the amount of activity and commitment that occurs on social networks on a daily basis. The products and services found in the social networks are consumers are turning to social networks when they need customer support and brands are active on several day platforms is an important source of traffic quality reference.

4. Increase language search home:
Google and Amazon Echo Home allows the consumer to find what they want without lifting a finger – literally. You can get answers to almost anything, and develop these services and add new features. You can order a pizza from Domino. I believe that we will see this technology grow rapidly this year, to find local businesses to give a new way.

5. Google will show more love mobile pages (AMP) to speed up:
It is no secret that Google is a fan of AMP. Web pages to load immediately, a much better user experience. Here is a statement directly from the site’s open-source AMP “AMP” a way to create web pages for static content, the action employs rapidement.AMP consists of three different parts: HTML is HTML AMP with limitations for reliable performance And some extensions for the creation of rich content over basic HTML library.La JS AMP rendering ensures fast HTML AMP.Le AMP Google cached pages can be used to HTML-AMP cached pages.

6. UX (User Experience) will continue to provide the benefits of dripping:
There are several advantages to create a pleasant user experience that will have a direct impact on your SEO. Visitors stay on your site more and more in your content, reducing your bounce rate. This also increases the average length of stay on the site and the possibility of a conversion occurs or at least a social game or follow.

7. Mobile strategies will initially become a necessity:
With so much traffic from mobile devices, it really makes you think about the mobile user first when designing layouts and offers. The good thing is that there is no doubt – the mobile traffic continues to grow. There will always be companies that do not see a high percentage of mobile traffic. Take this storage chemicals for example – most of your traffic will come from a desktop user in an office environment. They have a friendly moving contact option, which is good, but a full revision is not as critical as it would be for an ecommerce website consumption. Sprout My Brand is a biggest digital media agency in Noida.